Can The Artificial Turf Be Recycled

As we know, artificial turf has its service life. How can we dispose of the obsolete artificial turf? Can the artificial turf be recycled?

In north America, many homeowners are now switching to artificial lawn, it lasts for up to 25 years and consumers aren’t ready to discard it just yet. Although there is a local company that recycles carpet but it is not accepting artificial turf right now. It used to be the case that the turf, which all its infill materials, was simply rolled up or taken directly to waste disposal sites. However, this method could not meet requirements, which means that synthetic sports surfaces are no longer simply thrown away but are incorporated into a cycle of reclamation.

Generally speaking, the common methods is to separate the roll from the infill material at a recycling facility, but recently there have been far better ideas implemented that also save on cost and time.

recycled artificial turf

There is a kind of machine, which separate the infill material from the lawn in one step during the reeling process directly. This method removes as much as 98% of the filling from the lawn. The lawn is rolled up tightly and stapled on to the back of the machine so that the grass, sand and rubber are separated, transported and recycled easily as valuable raw materials for recovery.



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