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Sports on Artificial turf

Whether it be warm, cold, sunny or rainy, sports can be competed. However, there still some sports were canceled, because of the rainy and muddy conditions. In the 1960s', professional sports started to play on the artificial turf. The weather will not infulence in artificial turf. The ceiling was the first enclosed baseball stadium and natural grass would not grow with sunlight. So, Artificial Turf was installed so that game could be played without worry of the elements.

If you are looking for the best surface look no further than synthetic turf. Artificial turf can increase traction, prevent falls, provide cushion, and, perhaps most importantly, boost the performance of any players, regardless of the weather conditions.

Sensseturf products can be used in large golf projects or the small such as backyard. Low maintenance synthetic golf greens for home gardens are in demand as the interest in golf throughout the world continues to rise. We offer you with high quality short-game practice facilities. The workmanship and design skills of our experienced design and installation team are well respected and appreciated by our many customers.

We just give you a golf project. If you want to lean more about the uses of artificial turf in the sporting world, you can contact us.

Sports Artificial Turf

Is Time to Consider the Synthetic Grass

Have you found that the use of Landscaping Synthetic Grass has been on rise. Why more and more people like to use synthetic grass? As usual, people have to cost more time and money to maintain natural grass, so they prefer using landscaping artificial turf. Landscaping artificial turf seem to be attractive because they enhance the overall appeal of your property. Landscaping synthetic grass plays an important role indoor or outdoor. Having natural grass in such a cause would require you to invest a lot of time and money in maintaining the lawn.

Mowing, watering and spraying insecticides would require a lot of time. There are also a lot of people install the artificial turf in backyard. People who wish to play golf in their yard can benefit greatly from the use of synthetic green turf. Synthetic turfs last longer when compared to natural turf, which can last for 10~15 years. For the installation, you need to opt for services from professionals who are expert in installation of synthetic turf.

Landscaping artificial turf requires little maintenance. People are usually stressed when they have to maintain natural laws. Synthetic grass does not require much maintenance such as mowing and fertilize application. After installation, your pets can have a nice time in the lawn and you would not have to bother about high level of maintenance that would have been that case had opted for a natural lawn.


Why We use Artificial Grass for Residential Places

Artificial grass based on polyamide/nylon material was introduced on residential field. Due to the limitation by the weather and geographical location, it is difficult to maintain and install natural grass. Under certain conditions, artificial grass its great advantages. Maintaining a natural field is expensive. Introducing an artificial field would make it possible to have a nice clean field to play with out the heavy grounds-keeping required. 


Residential Artificial Grass

The main reason for having artificial grass is that there is no need to maintain because since it is plastic but natural grass has to maintain frequently. Artificial grass gives you all rooms that you want to place. It not only can be used in residential places, but also sport fields. We all know that we can not prevent injury during the exercise, however artificial grass make players don’t have to worry about injuries from serious exercise. Artificial turf pitches that are suitable for competitions at world-class level have earned FIH Global Quality Approval.


The good news is that the artificial grass will not grow and will remain intact for as long as 10-15 years at least. 


Artificial Grass has Become Quite a Trendy Item in Dubai

Artificial grass has become quite a trendy item nowadays. It is used by many people for decorating their verandahs and gardens. If you wish to beautify your surrounding areas in a similar manner then you should consider engaging the services of Artificial Grass Dubai. They have a wide range of artificial grass products and accessories that will help you in giving a refreshing, new look to the place where you live.

Artificial grass and natural grass are almost the same, the only difference being that natural grass is grown naturally whereas artificial grass is made up of synthetic and plastic. You can choose from a wide range of artificial grass products that have been offered by Artificial Grass Dubai. There is also the option of outdoor furniture and logo mats which are made using artificial grass. One can also purchase artificial turf systems or astro turf from Artificial Grass Dubai. Artificial turf systems are now widely used in various sports stadiums across the world and have gradually replaced natural grass as it is easier to maintain and doesn’t wither away with the passage of time as well.

Playground Grass- The playground grass provided by Artificial Grass Dubai is durable and will surely last a long time. You or your kids can play a host of sports on it without having to worry about its wear and tear. Playground grass is easy to install and maintain. It doesn’t even require seeding, watering, fertilizing and pesticides.

Playground Grass

Landscaping Grass- Artificial Grass Dubai provides you with many varieties of artificial grass for landscaping activities. With the help of this grass, you can transform your garden or verandah and make a beautiful landscape. The grass they will provide you with will give a facelift to wherever they’re used because of the materials they are made up of.

Landscaping Grass


Artificial turf for Schools

About 4000 square meters of artificial turf has been rolled up to school. It will be used as the new playing surface for school. There are many schools have chosen artificial turf as landscaping and athletic fields. Both public and private schools that come up with funding for artificial grass quickly see the advantages of going synthetic rather than having regular grass landscaping and fields. Whether it be for simple landscaping or an entire football field, artificial lawn is a great solution for schools.

One of the main concerns for many schools includes safety. Artificial grass is specifically designed to be safe for children and kids. With its technologically groundbreaking composition, artificial grass has proven to withstand high traffic and rough play without breaking down or eroding. Thus, small and large schools can enjoy such durability without worrying about degradation over time. Also, the infill layer helps to keep the turf cushioned for contact, as well as helping to maintain the uprightness of the blades. There has been controversy in the past about possible hazardous lead contamination with synthetic turf, however, after studies proved this to be false. Thus, concern about lead in synthetic grass can be put to rest, as the studies have proved no such risk. Other questionable aspects of artificial grass have included its reaction to hotter temperatures. Made with polypropylene and polyethylene fibers, many new artificial grass products are coated to withstand and further deflect heat, ensuring that the surfaces do not absorb all of the heat emitted from the sun and weather conditions. Also, watering artificial grass with a hose or sprinkler can reduce the heat for a few hours if necessary.

Artificial Turf for Schools

Schools can truly benefit from using artificial grass for landscaping and fields. With its minimal maintenance and ability to save on costs significantly, schools are able to recoup upfront costs on turf within ten years. With its durability, artificial grass withstands sport performance and high traffic for several years. It is a safe alternative for students and athletes alike. Artificial grass continues to be adopted by many universities and schools for its many benefits.

Sports Artificial Turf

Why Has Artificial Turf Become so Popular over the Past Few Years

Plain truth is artificial turf system for soccer has been a matter. While the first synthetic grass is used in 1960’s and 1970’s, significant advancements have been made during the past decades. Since then, some people advocate to use synthetic grass, and some people insist that man-made grass will damage to health.

However, this is controversial. Why has artificial turf become so popular over the past few years? Because it is not limited by climate and space, artificial turf qualifies as the best alternative to natural grass. Real grass cannot remain lush and resilient if it is used more than three to four days a week, or in rain. In order to cut down the operational cost and save water, a rising number of schools and parks to turn to artificial turf to meet their program needs.

synthetic grass for soccer

Artificial turf fields have become a mainstream amenity and often a necessity for schools and organizations. Sensseturf provides high quality artificial turf with reasonable price. Many types of artificial turf systems are available for your athletic fields. If there has a necessary, our professional seller representative will give you the best suggestion.

Sports Artificial Turf

Does Artificial Grass Impact Environment

As we know Artificial grass is more environmental than natural grass, It has a measurable, positive impact on the environment. Either in sports field or residential applications. Every year billion tons of water is required for natural grass field, Let's have a calculation between artificial grass and natural grass

In north America, everybody has natural lawn around house average 1800 square foot, Water Authority estimates that every square foot of natural grass replaced saves five tons of water per year. If an average lawn is 1,800 square feet, then Las Vegas homeowners with Artificial turf could save 99,000 tons of water each year or about $400 annually. In Atlanta, homeowners could save $715 a year, not including much higher sewer charges. The good thing is now government is going to consider take more efforts to push replacement to save more water. Tax credits and rebates are being offered to residential and corporate users by an increasing number of local governments in light of the tremendous impact on water conservation.

Even more, a typical grass sports field requires between 500,000 to a million tons of water or more each year. During 2010, between four to eight billion tons of water were conserved through its use. According to government data report the average American family of four uses 40 tons of water a day. so you can imagine billion tons of water is saved if people replace artificial sports field.

artificial grass for swimming pool

It's significant health and environmental implications that estimated amount of Artificial turf currently installed has eliminated the need for millions of pounds of harmful pesticides and fertilizers, We know polluted storm water runoff is the number one cause of water pollution, with common examples including over fertilizing lawns and excessive pesticide use.

In addition, Artificial grass helps reduce noxious emissions, If you use natural grass, a push mower emits as much pollution in one hour as 11 cars and a riding mower emits as much as 34 cars. Also the grass clippings is the third largest component of municipal solid waste in landfills.


Is Natural Grass Better than Artificial Grass for Tennis Court?

Someone would say that they prefer living grass more than artificial grass for tennis court. In their opinion, the natural turf provides comfortable and cool surface, but synthetic turf surface cannot provides such characters.

Is that the truth? Let us do some explore with the artificial tennis grass. Hard to image the true grass courts after the heavy rain. However, the weather has few effect on the artificial surface. Even hit by the rain, the artificial grass with sand infill can still ensure great ball performance. As for the temperature of the surface, with our new cooler yarn technology, the problem is well solved. You can enjoy the tennis courts as much as the natural turf. Synthetic tennis turf has been the great choice for harsh climates.

We are proud to offering you the ITF approved tennis grass, which has great reputation among the contractors, please refers to the following photos to check the stunning looking. After using artificial grass, you can have more time and money to do other things, but still enjoy the coll and comfortable artificial grass.

Artificial Grass for tennis court


The Ball Speed of Golf Putting Green

Putting green is the most important play area from golf court. The play score depend on the quality of putting green, It has to be very smooth and density in order to keep ball's speed.

Is all the putting green required by high ball speed? Not exactly. because the turf quality and specifications are quite different, the ball speed is different too.

Do you know what's the best ball speed from putting green? According to USGA standard, for international golf matches the min speed should over than 10.5 meters, Do you know how to measure ball speed? there is a special device called "Stimpmeter". It is a V-Shade aluminum profile with 36 inches length, it has a cross groove at the one top where put the testing ball inside, with ball side lifting up around 22 degree angle ,the ball will roll down along with the V-Shade aluminum profile, the distance (foot) of the ball running is the "speed rate"

The professional golf venues requires high ball speed, people called "Faster", Generally it covered by natural turf, it has to be high maintenance to keep it very straight and smooth.

But for practicing area, people are not requiring very high speed, Now more and more people like to play on Artificial putting green. It is tufted by nylon yarn with very resistant ,and the pile height is less than 10mm with high surface density so the ball is running very smoothly.

There are many golf courts are using artificial turf as putting green, not only because of economy of maintenance, but also it is eco friendly products. Your know there are very lack of water all of the world, To green natural turf is very water wasted, so to find eco friendly products is not only the sense of save water, but also save the world.

speed of putting greens



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