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Artificial Grass for School

The natural grass will not be green all the time. At present, artificial turf replaces the dirt and sparse grass that was often too muddy too muddy to play on. Artificial turf was used in soccer field, volleyball court or rest areas for students.

Weather conditions and playground condition often forced kids to play inside or on the cement parking lot. In rainy day, it was muddy or wet. After the turf was installed, students are excited about their new green space. Students can enjoy the soft feel of the new turf.

There is no scientific consensus on the Risks of Artificial Turf. Some researchers are sure crumb rubber is poisoning the children who come in contact with it. Some people believe it is too early to say for sure, and others think there is safe. As before, infills of artificial turf are typically made from scrap tires, it is not good for kids' health. Some people think that the now-ubiquitous material, made out of synthetic fibers and scrap tire can contain benzene, carbon black and lead, among other substances-has not been adequately tested.

No research has linked cancer to artificial turf. Artificial turf has been rolled out in tens of thousands of parks, playgrounds, schools and stadiums. If you have any questions and requirements, please contact us as soon as possible.


Is Synthetic Turf Safe?

No matter at home and on the field, Synthetic Turf Field has been a part of life for people. However, some people have noticed that some little black crumbs poured out from soccer cleats, vacuumed off the floor and pulled off the skin. It is safe?

Since the 1990’s, synthetic turf has been improved for safety, play ability and durability. There are made of three layers: the top layer is a long-pile “carpet” of plastic synthetic turf fibers, second layer of infill lies within the carpet to support the fibers and provide cushioning. It can be made of sand, recycled rubber crumbs or an alternate material. And underlayer is woven backing holding the carpet in place.

For some people they are worried about the harmful materials from synthetic turf. For example, synthetic turf made from recycled tires that contain numerous concerning chemicals that can irritate the nose and throat, cause nervous system and organ damage or cause cancer.

With the technology development, synthetic turf is new and environmental protection material. At first, it does not have much fertile. Fertile can leach chemical material into waterways and harmful aquatic life. Second, you do not have to cost more time and money to maintain it. Third, synthetic turf is durable, what can last for ten years. If you have any requirements and doubt, you can call us.


Is Time to Consider the Synthetic Grass

Have you found that the use of Landscaping Synthetic Grass has been on rise. Why more and more people like to use synthetic grass? As usual, people have to cost more time and money to maintain natural grass, so they prefer using landscaping artificial turf. Landscaping artificial turf seem to be attractive because they enhance the overall appeal of your property. Landscaping synthetic grass plays an important role indoor or outdoor. Having natural grass in such a cause would require you to invest a lot of time and money in maintaining the lawn.

Mowing, watering and spraying insecticides would require a lot of time. There are also a lot of people install the artificial turf in backyard. People who wish to play golf in their yard can benefit greatly from the use of synthetic green turf. Synthetic turfs last longer when compared to natural turf, which can last for 10~15 years. For the installation, you need to opt for services from professionals who are expert in installation of synthetic turf.

Landscaping artificial turf requires little maintenance. People are usually stressed when they have to maintain natural laws. Synthetic grass does not require much maintenance such as mowing and fertilize application. After installation, your pets can have a nice time in the lawn and you would not have to bother about high level of maintenance that would have been that case had opted for a natural lawn.


Could Artificial Turf Offer Problems for Trees

Could artificial turf offer problems for trees? Generally speaking, tree crown may cause too much shade, and this is why the grass under the tree cannot grow up. If you want to put grass around trees, it is advised you use artificial turf with feature pores. Quality Artificial Turf has good features to permit water and oxygen to flow through. If the artificial turf do not have pores, the artificial turf will kill and sterilize the soil beneath it causing the soil life to die. If the tree was surrounded by the artificial turf, the soil would produce the high temperature to hurt roots. If the trees have accustomed to the heat and will not be threatened by the artificial turf. However, in the cold areas, the natural covering are still good for trees.

Artificial turf consists of synthetic fibers like polypropylene or polyethylene, usually has several layers including backing, cushioning, two or three drainage layers and infill that is often recycled rubber tires or natural cork. It has a variety of colors, styles and heights. Customers could choose the different types according to own requirements. For the maintenance, there is no need to water, fertilize or mow. Because of this reason, many schools and families start to use it.

Some people give up artificial turf, that it is very expensive. Actually, it is a long-term investment. In hot days, the artificial turf can release an unpleasant odor and it collects dust and leaves. Although you don’t have to water, mow, or fertilize it, artificial turf does require some maintenance. You can sweep the garbage away from artificial turf.

Safe, Eco-friendly and Durable Synthetic Grass

It is very easy to get hurt when children are playing in hard surface playgrounds. Therefore, synthetic grass is the ideal solution. It is virtually indestructible and very soft, and it will drastically reduce the number of harmful pesticides. There also have many merits make young parents choose synthetic grass. Synthetic grass are quite easy to clean, maintain, durable in nature, safe, color doesn’t fade away, UV resistant, non-toxic and kids can play for an unlimited duration of time. Mothers love artificial lawn because there will never again be a grass stain to scrub out of clothe!

The infill material used on synthetic grass is sand and crumb green rubber with anti-bacterial protection in order to avoid the bacterial growth. There factors allow children spend time in a safe location that doesn’t harm the environment and helps to the water conservancy in the sate. Actually, the synthetic grass can be installed in a very fast way in almost every location.

The synthetic grass does not require a lot of maintenance, and this is an important factor for most people to choose it. Synthetic grass can not only help you to save water, but also extremely easy to maintain. You can occasionally brush the grass with a sweeper and remover organic material like leaves.

Regardless of your turf needs, Sensseturf offers eco-friendly Synthetic Grass solutions designed to meet your most demanding lawn and putting green needs economically and effectively.

How to Lay Artificial Grass for Your Garden?

Summer is coming. Green garden is a dream for everyone. However, you will find that the natural grass is not easy to maintain, and will waste more water, money and time than Artificial Turf. Actually, the artificial turf is a good way to solve this question. There is no necessary to water in dry weather and the artificial turf is porous so won’t have puddles in the rain: it is ideal for most gardens. We recommend preparing your garden before you buy artificial turf.

Step 1: Remove existing turf or other surface
Start by removing the existing surface from your garden. For small/medium sized gardens you will be able to do this with a spade, for larger areas you may need to hire some equipment.

Step 2: Add a base layer of builder’s sand
Lay approximately 35-40mm of builder’s sharp sand as a base for your turf.

Step 3: Level the surface
You now need to level and flatten this area. If you happen to have a wacker plate then great, if not you can do this using timber and a large hammer. It doesn't have to be perfect, but get it as flat as possible. If you would like to mould any curves etc, now is the time to do so.

Step 4: Add a membrane
Roll out a good quality weed membrane over the top of the sand and make sure the overlaps are 300mm approx.  Leave a gap at the edge of the grass of 50mm.


Synthetic Grass for Office

Some customers has integrate Synthetic Grass into their home decoration in remarkably creative ways, even some people like use it to the work environment.

How about the first impression of your office for visitors. Adding synthetic grass to your reception and waiting areas is a great way to welcome visitors and make a lasting impression. This is a good way to leave people to take away a positive image of the office.

Synthetic grass can brighten up the atmosphere at work, which is very simply and effectively. I think most people like stay in a green work environment, and this is also a good way to make the office look much brighter. In this circumstances, the grass can give a big uplift in productivity and satisfaction levels of the workers. 

Generally speaking, using building materials will spend more time and money than using synthetic grass. This is a big budge fir most companies. Synthetic grass is a very cost efficient method of flooring a big office. This is especially true when you go for recycled artificial turf that comes with a lower price tag and is also more environmentally friendly. Synthetic grass can be put on the table or hung on wall, even can be regarded as the carpet.


Choosing Quality Artificial Turf

If you want to choose Quality Artificial Turf, here are some tips you can take into account. At first, you can compare dexterity, density and stitch rate of synthetic grass. A manufacturers warranty is of no value unless you know who the manufacturers is, where they are located, an how they can be contracted. Quality base construction is essential. Synthetic grass must be laid on a solid, deep base of crushed rock or dolomite-not sand or dirt.

What is the depth and composition of the infill material? Both sand and rubber granules are infill materials. A quality contractor should provide a list of reference sites and testimonials.Synthetic grass is very resistant to staining, so spills can be easily cleaned up. Damage to the turf can be repaired in a similar way to repairing carpet. All our artificial turfs are manufactured to drain quickly and efficiently. There are drainage holes throughout the lawn backing, allowing water to be drawn through instead of sitting on the surface.

Artificial grass is pet friendly and is suitable for dogs and cats alike. There are drainage holes throughout the lawn backing and any mess can be scooped up without staining.Synthetic grass is laid on a compacted layer of road base and dolomite. Once laid it is joined and infilled with dried sand. This infilling process helps the lawn blades stand up properly and also holds the lawn firmly in place.We have provided an Artificial Grass Installation Guide however we recommend you have it installed by a professional to ensure a beautifully finished and long lasting result.


It's Time to Make A Playground for You Kids In Summer

There are a number of interesting benefits to laying artificial turf for playground to make you happy.

Creating a playground for your kids is a good idea. As parents, we should take into account all the health and safety issues, and artificial turf is suitable for these requirements. It is something that anyone can do with a few basic tools and enough spare time to get it just right. You just need to know the areas of playground, teaching video will teach you step by step.

For the kids, the security is the most important. The smooth and uniform surface makes it less likely that they will trip up or suffer other accidents, it also provides a soft and cushioned impact if anyone falls on it. Artificial turf will help to ensure kids are kept safer all the time because of its softer smooth.

Artificial turf has a good drainage performance, which means the puddles and muddy patches will not form. The kids and pets have somewhere clean and dry to play even after a bout of heavy rain.

artificial turf for playground

Artificial turf has long warranty. Even kids played on it for a long time, the turf will not deteriorate or become patchy in the way that natural grass will. You won’t need to replace it or re-seed it regularly like you wound with natural grass. Even in an area with a high amount of foot traffic, you will feel confident that your artificial grass surface will carry on doing a terrific job for years to come. Artificial turf can be used all year round. No matter what the weather is like, you can let the children play.

Artificial Turf At Garden In Summer

As the summer closes in, are you ready for the party. If if your garden isn’t ready, what are you waiting for? If you have this mind, it is important that our gardens are ready for friends and family to come over. Installing artificial grass or investing on a new state of the art BBQ are sure-fire ways to get your garden party ready.

artificial turf for summer

If you have plan to take party in summer, then the first thing you need to do s invest in a BBQ. There is nothing quite like sitting out in the garden tucking into a hot dog or burger fresh off the grill with the unmistakable BBQ aroma sitting around. Summer just doesn’t get any better than it, does it? If you just want to hold the one party, please keep BBQ away from the lawn. if you want to cut down expenses, and maintenance at a minimum, then the artificial grass is your best choice.

There is nothing more inviting than a lusciously green lawn, but the prospect of masses of feet trampling over the grass can cause anxiety at the thought of all the care you need to give afterwards. Through using artificial turf, you don’t have to worry about the lawn tearing up, and neither do you have to worry about making sure the lawn is freshly mowed before everyone comes round. The next step is to decorate the garden.

Artificial Turf VS Real Grass

For a long time, artificial turf was usually confined to sports pitches. With the development of technology, artificial turf is starting to look more and more like the real grass, even the feeling is close to the real grass. Is it a good thing to let the artificial turf to instead of real grass?


There is no doubt that real grass will require regular maintenance to look its best including mowing, watering, weeding and feeding. On the other hand, the artificial turf only just brush and hosing down to remove any dirt or stains. The greatest advantage is that the artificial turf can last for 10-15 years.


Real grass is warm in winter and cool in summer, but dogs and children can easily damage the grass what make it sparse and bald. Mud and water can affect the appearance of a real lawn. However, artificial turf is highly adaptable and is perfectly suited to very small outdoor spaces like roof or gardens.


Real grass need to consume labor, time and money to maintain. The costs of water, fertilizer, mowing might seem tiny but they add up over the years. With artificial turf the costs of maintenance are practically zero.

Environment Impact

Unlike artificial turf, real grass is able to support a natural biodiversity, allowing worms under the soil to thrive. That is not say the real grass scores a clean sheet when it comes all things environmentally friendly. The energy or petrol used for mowing have environmental impacts as does the need to water and fertilize the soil. Artificial turf has a negative impact, being made from plastic and relying on oil for its production, although, new turfs are now in development that use recycled bottles for their core material. You can bet that the potential of an environmentally friendly, low maintenance and realistic looking artificial turf hasn’t been lost on artificial grass manufacturers.


How Kid- and Pet-Friendly Are Artificial Lawns?

The soft and cushiony infills in artificial lawns protect kids and keep them safe from nasty falls, cuts and bruises.

Our products offer best drainage facilities that prevent water or any liquid from collecting over and forming puddles in your lawn. Pet urine can be easily washed away and pet-poop can be scooped up and washed away with a disinfectant.

No matter how heavy the rains are in your region, your lawns will always stay free of dirt and muck. This also prevents little feet and tiny paws from tracking dirt into your house after play time.

Even if Fido does manage to get into mischief, giving him a quick bath in the yard is not that difficult anymore. Now you see why moms with young kids and pets swear by artificial lawns for well-managed homes!

Artificial grass is also free of pest, tick and flea infestations. This ensures your kids and pets stay safe at all times.


Seven Things to Consider Before you Buying Artificial Turf

When you decide to buy artificial turf, here are seven things you need to consider.

Before buying, the first thing to consider is that the amount of traffic in the area you wish to install artificial grass on. If you have pets or kids, wear-resisting is necessary, even you need to chose a soft and non-abrasive texture.

Quality artificial turf will feel soft, which is depend on polypropylene or polyyamide turfs, or polyethylene yarns. The color of outstanding artificial turf will not fade. Although quality turf will be more expensive than the others, but it is going to be a long-term investment, you will be better off purchasing the best.

Pile Height
Taller pile height may seem logical, and this will make your lawn look flat as time goes by. To keep your lawn looking natural, go for a pile height of 30-37mm. If you intend to place furniture on the turf, go for a shorter pile height as it will offer better sustainability.

Density and Weight
Generally speaking, the density and weight decide the price of artificial turf. If you cannot afford a dense turf, don’t worry; longevity and performance of turfs with lesser density can be improved with sand infill.

Infill helps the turf springy. Rubber and sand are popular infill material and you can choose either for your turf depending on your preference and budget.

Some colors can be chosen such as green-olive, lime green, dark green.

Artificial grass requires less maintenance than natural grass. However, maintaining artificial grass will increase its longevity and keep it looking great for years to come. All turfs need to be cared for more or less the same way; some will need more frequent care than others.


Benefits of Landscaping with Artificial Grass

There is a huge benefits to use artificial grass: No maintenance. Once you install artificial grass, you won’t need to weed, water or mow your lawn. For many busy people, they can spend that time on other things in their lives. It will cope with frost and snow, although you may need to shovel snow off the lawn if it is particularly heavy. It can cope with sun too without losing its color. All you have to do is install it, and then your job is done.

Some people think artificial grass is stiff and like plastic. You are wrong. It feels just like the real thing. Modern styles are soft and pleasant to sit on. Now, your children can enjoy your yard the whole year round. No more tracking in mud and rain when the weather’s wet or wearing holes in the lawn when it’s dry outside. 

Pets love it: Some worry that their pets won’t want to use the yard if they change out their grass for a synthetic version. Luckily, that isn’t the case. Pet owners report that their pets will happily play on a synthetic lawn without any fuss. Plus, they’re not able to dig it up. No more filling in homes and reseeding your lawn!

You can save water: Thanks to artificial lawns not needing watering, you’ll save more than you’d think on your water bills. It’ll also be a great way to reduce your impact on the environment.

Landscaping with artificial grass can make your yard look amazing, for less than you’d think. Get some samples and see just how high quality modern lawns are.


Which is Right for You? Natural Grass or Artificial Turf

At first, there are few people complains about the aesthetics of natural lawns. Actually, the natural lawns has the superior appearance what the artificial turf cannot matched. However, the trouble is that you need to more time and money to maintain it. Natural grass absorbs carbon dioxide, which is extremely important on global warming. Natural grass filters rainwater before it flows into the groundwater. Natural grass is much coder than artificial turf, asphalt, cement or bare dirt. However, it needs more time and time to maintain.

Most people choose natural lawn because of it is more soft and comfortable for playing, siting and laying. In the sun, artificial turf will warm up while natural lawn will stay coll. On the other and, synthetic grass doesn’t attract bees and other insects. Generally speaking, artificial turf can be used in 15 years at least. However, a natural grass will potentially last forever providing it is maintained properly. It does require more maintenance than artificial turf though by way of regular mowing, fertilizing, watering and weed control.

Artificial Turf

For environmental protection, natural lawns require water, mowing, fertilize and chemicals. The fertilizes and chemicals will damage earth, and watering will waste water. On the other other hand, artificial turf don’t require watering, fertilizes, chemicals or mowing, but they are manufactured from plastics containing petrochemicals.

What is better for you? There are many factors to consider when choosing between natural grass and artificial turf. If you want to keep the lawn for a long time and do little maintenance, artificial turf is your best choice. If you are pay more attention to the life quality, you can use natural grass.


3 Major Environmental Benefits of Synthetic Grass

There are many environmental benefits of synthetic grass. Not only does it reduce your landscape maintenance costs, but it also benefits our environment. Let’s look at some of the ways:
Saving water
Based on current EPA water usage statistics, the average American family uses 320 gallons of water per day. About 30 percent of this total is devoted to outdoor uses. More than half of that outdoor water is used for watering lawns and gardens. Nationally, residential landscape irrigation is almost one-third of all water use, totaling nearly 9 billion gallons per day.
If you switch to artificial grass, you almost entirely eliminate your home irrigation bill. The only times you’d ever need to use water is to clean dog urine from your turf.
Decreasing emissions
Despite lawn maintenance being good for physical health, it is a cumbersome activity. In addition to this, the gas emissions from your lawn mower contribute to global CO2 levels.
With the increasing cost of gasoline and other fossil fuels, it makes more financial and environmental sense to invest in synthetic turf. The environmental impact of your lawn mower may seem minimal, but in reality, spending one hour mowing your lawn may cause as much pollution as a 100 mile car trip.
Using less chemicals on your lawn
Approximately 60 percent of all fertilizer ends up wasted and contributing to chemical runoff. These chemicals, like synthetic nitrogen, are very dangerous to animals and insects. Not only are these toxic to animals, but they are also dangerous to humans. Contaminated water is known to cause health problems such as birth defects, allergies, and many others.
These are just some of the many environmental benefits of synthetic grass. Here at Artificial Turf Express, we have years of experience helping people make the switch from natural to synthetic grass. If you want to learn more, call us today!


Superior Drainage Synthetic Grass

With synthetic grass developing, the superior drainage become an important factor for people to take into account. Synthetic grass field construction has increased significantly during the last three decades. However, drainage problem resulting in ponding water on the surface of the field can be a source of aggravation. Understanding the the drainage details is essential to providing a well-drained field.

How well Sensse Synthetic Grass drain? Of course, it is better than real grass! Sensseturf has a permeable backing that drains water at a rapid rate. The engineering of the turf backing coupled with the crushed rock aggregate sub-base creates a wonderful drainage system for your lawn. Unlike the majority of all competing turfs, Sensseturf offers both a punched hole backing and a true permeable backing for drainage. What this means for you is that you don’t have to worry about drainage when your lawn is designed and bought by Sensseturf. Whether for rain or urine, synthetic grass drains everywhere very fast. Holes in the turf backing do not allow urine to drain fully and consistently throughout. The sub-base should facilitate the reception of adequate amounts of water when there are rain storms so that there is no flooding in your yard. Only qualified, experienced landscape contractors that have done thousands of jobs cab ensure that your yard is draining properly.

Drainage typically relies on infiltration through the field surface materials and stone layers and is ultimately collected by perforated circular drains embedded in buried stone-filled trenches. In some cases, flat drains at the bottom of the base stone are used instead of the trenches. The field drains are connected to a collector drain located around the perimeter of the field that discharges into the site storm drainage system. In addition, slot or trench drainage is sometimes used to collect surface water at the perimeter of the field.


Why We use Artificial Grass for Residential Places

Artificial grass based on polyamide/nylon material was introduced on residential field. Due to the limitation by the weather and geographical location, it is difficult to maintain and install natural grass. Under certain conditions, artificial grass its great advantages. Maintaining a natural field is expensive. Introducing an artificial field would make it possible to have a nice clean field to play with out the heavy grounds-keeping required. 


Residential Artificial Grass

The main reason for having artificial grass is that there is no need to maintain because since it is plastic but natural grass has to maintain frequently. Artificial grass gives you all rooms that you want to place. It not only can be used in residential places, but also sport fields. We all know that we can not prevent injury during the exercise, however artificial grass make players don’t have to worry about injuries from serious exercise. Artificial turf pitches that are suitable for competitions at world-class level have earned FIH Global Quality Approval.


The good news is that the artificial grass will not grow and will remain intact for as long as 10-15 years at least. 


Consider Getting Synthetic Turf for Your Yard

children artificial grass

Artificial grass is also a great way to make your yard truly kid-friendly. If you’re worried about your kids running around and getting hurt outside, consider getting synthetic turf for your yard. It provides a safe area for your children to play – and it looks exactly like real grass!

In addition to its beautiful appearance, synthetic turf:

Is customizable – the artificial grass can be customized to look exactly how you want it to
Has soft padding for increased safety – under the grass, soft padding is installed and works well no matter how often your kids run around on it!
Drains quickly – with the synthetic grass’ fantastic drainage, your kids can go out and play immediately after it rains
Is non-allergenic – kids got grass allergies? No problem!
Is easy on the skin – this synthetic turf is non-abrasive, so no more worrying about your kids coming inside with cuts and bruises
Provides clean environment – say goodbye to washing grass stains out of your children’s clothes!
For more information on the durable and convenient synthetic turf or if you’re interested in this artificial grass for dogs and safe play area for kids, contact Four Seasons today.


Artificial Turf Waterproof, Saving Water

SENSSE TURF in Waterproof is the leading manufacturer and supplier in the artificial turf industry. We offer top quality turf, cutting-edge technologies, durability and 10 years guarantee on all our products. Located in Waterproof and in most others states we have the capacity to deliver products faster than any other company. With the largest inventory of synthetic turf in United States we are able to provide the best customer service and the best shipping options and prices.

We all kown that lawn maintenance can be costly in terms of both time and money. Many homeowners and businesses in Waterproof are turning to artificial grass to solve their lawn problems. artificial grass helps to reduce water usage so you can lower your bills.If you are thinking of artificial grass for your home or business in Waterproof it can save you a lot of money. Ever rising water bills are something we all have to adapt to. Installing synthetic grass is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to save money on water usage.

A nice yard does far more than just make a home look nicer. By installing artificial grass in Waterproof you can actually raise the property value of your property. This is also true of any building space that can provide room enough for landscaping. However, if you have a natural grass, it can also increase the expense of taking care of your yard. A great way to cut these costs is by using artificial turf. While many think of that item in terms of tacky plastic and false green surfaces, new technologies have come a very long ways from the early days of man made lawn surfaces. SENSSE TURF in Waterproof are very lifelike, and can be found to suit your particular environment very effectively.

waterproof artificial turf


Artificial Grass has Become Quite a Trendy Item in Dubai

Artificial grass has become quite a trendy item nowadays. It is used by many people for decorating their verandahs and gardens. If you wish to beautify your surrounding areas in a similar manner then you should consider engaging the services of Artificial Grass Dubai. They have a wide range of artificial grass products and accessories that will help you in giving a refreshing, new look to the place where you live.

Artificial grass and natural grass are almost the same, the only difference being that natural grass is grown naturally whereas artificial grass is made up of synthetic and plastic. You can choose from a wide range of artificial grass products that have been offered by Artificial Grass Dubai. There is also the option of outdoor furniture and logo mats which are made using artificial grass. One can also purchase artificial turf systems or astro turf from Artificial Grass Dubai. Artificial turf systems are now widely used in various sports stadiums across the world and have gradually replaced natural grass as it is easier to maintain and doesn’t wither away with the passage of time as well.

Playground Grass- The playground grass provided by Artificial Grass Dubai is durable and will surely last a long time. You or your kids can play a host of sports on it without having to worry about its wear and tear. Playground grass is easy to install and maintain. It doesn’t even require seeding, watering, fertilizing and pesticides.

Playground Grass

Landscaping Grass- Artificial Grass Dubai provides you with many varieties of artificial grass for landscaping activities. With the help of this grass, you can transform your garden or verandah and make a beautiful landscape. The grass they will provide you with will give a facelift to wherever they’re used because of the materials they are made up of.

Landscaping Grass


Artificial Turf is Finally Becoming Fashionable.

In south-east England, the dry weather continued into July with some parts seeing only 5mm of rain, less than 20 per cent of the average. In contrast Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland had double the usual amount of rain in July, making the month wetter than average across Britain overall.

In some gardening circles fake grass is becoming more acceptable. Artificial turf was allowed at the Chelsea Flower Show this year for the first time in its 148 year history.

Fake grass can be manufactured from recycled materials and re-processed once it is used. Enthusiasts also point out it is better for the environment than paving, as the ground can still absorb water therefore reducing the risk of surface water floods. It is soft for children to play on and can now look quite realistic.


Guy Barter, gardening adviser at the Royal Horticultural Society, admitted it has been difficult to keep a lawn green this summer.

At the same time more people have small shady gardens where it is difficult to grow grass and artificial turf is finally becoming fashionable.

“At one point in time people would throw up their hands in horror at the idea of fake grass but when you see the number of make-over programmes and gardening centres where it is featured you can understand why it is catching on," he said.

However, gardening commentator Pippa Greenwood, who appears regularly on BBC2's Gardeners' World, told newspaper that fake grass was “unbelievably revolting”.


Wondering When Buying Artificial Turf For Residential Places

Countless homeowners love to have an attractive garden. So, they would desire to decide on assorted kinds of grasses when they are arranging to greatly improve their yard. The kind of lawn that is good for folks these days is the artificial yard. Yet when it comes getting manufactured grass for your yard, there are numerous things you should bear in mind.

First of all, you must recognize your spending plan. There are several plants making synthetic yard and also the cost is various in between the factory producers. You can be easily assuming that the most reliable synthetic grass will be the one that is most pricey. Well, this isn’t constantly directly. The most expensive grass isn’t really needed the best for you.

residential synthetic grass

You are advised to set your finances for the synthetic grass purchase. Your incomparable target would undoubtedly be to have a gorgeous yard that may make you pleased. If you consume too much for your garden, you might not be visiting be content to stay in the garden.

In addition, you have to be particular on what kind of grass that you love to install in your yard. There are various options when it relates to selecting manufactured grass for your garden. You really should to achieve the most effective styles for your garden so that you are able to integrate the lawns in your yard to make it looks very good as well as unique. Yet it is able to be a complicated project to merge the assorted varieties of fake grass for your yard.

Thus, you are recommended to uncover the guidance through some qualified home making business. These firms are specializing at the home design job. So they recognize just what to do to merge the several sorts of fake lawns to make your garden look pleasing and also fresh. If you perform have a model idea, you can allow the company understand about it and they will try to perform your idea to present you the very best satisfying perform.

You could get the artificial grass installation manual from the provider. Even with the World wide web, you could locate a ton of techniques and also tips on synthetic grass installment. The Online supplies a great deal of measures and info relating to manufactured yard installment that you definitely would not locate them in the installment manual. So you might just prefer to search online for the great information of useful lawn installation and also building a good green yard around your property.


Artificial Turf has Many Benefits for Residential Places

We all know some places is still drought because of geographical position, and this is a very big issue. In this condition, the natural grass will consume plenty of water. We recommended you artificial turf, which is aesthetics, maintenance friendly, saving money and water, pet friendly and environmental protection.

Natural grass will waste water and is difficult to maintain. However, artificial turf will stay green all year round. The appearance of artificial grass has experienced for a long time, and the technology has close to the real grass now.

The service of Sensse turf can last up 15 to 20 years, even more. For the installation, it is very quick and simple. The drainage underneath the artificial grass makes it easy to maintain and clean. There is no reason for fertilizing, nor would u have to worry about pulling weeds.

Artificial grass has measurable, positive impacts on the environment. After using artificial grass, you have no necessary to worry about drought or flood. Serious drought will make natural grass lose its life, and flood will destroy its vitality and makes it impossible to keep yard looking green. When you are switching to artificial turf, you will be saving a lot of money on bills and maintenance costs as well as be saving time, since turf is practically maintenance free.”


New Grass with New Technology We are Offering

The artificial grass industry is growing very fast now, more and more people are trying to use artificial grass instead of natural grass , because of the advantages of artificial grass compare to natural grass, like no watering, no mowing, almost no maintenance. Now you can find more and more new products with new technology in the market now.

Sensse Turf, as a manufacturer, is one of the leaders in the market, we keep focusing on developing new technology, here I want to recommend you some of our new technology products.

Cool yarn : now there are two different ways to make cool yarn grass in the market, one is using special yarn shape , such as “C” “U””V” shapes , these shapes will help to reflect the sunshine. Another one is using special additives into the yarn , to make sure the yarn absorb less heat than normal yarn, additive like non- endothermic master batch. Sensse Turf has both.

New Design Artificial Grass

Anti-static : the technology specially used for professional sports field, and for kids area .

Anti-mosquito/worm : this technology is more focusing on safety and comfortable of the artificial grass, especially for kids and pets in summer or other months that mosquito and worm are more active. As we know , this technology is already very popular used for curtains and door mats, what we do is adding such additive into artificial grass raw material.

If you feel interested in our new technology grass products, please feel free to contact Sensse Turf team, 7*24 hours ready for your needs.


Does Artificial Grass Impact Environment

As we know Artificial grass is more environmental than natural grass, It has a measurable, positive impact on the environment. Either in sports field or residential applications. Every year billion tons of water is required for natural grass field, Let's have a calculation between artificial grass and natural grass

In north America, everybody has natural lawn around house average 1800 square foot, Water Authority estimates that every square foot of natural grass replaced saves five tons of water per year. If an average lawn is 1,800 square feet, then Las Vegas homeowners with Artificial turf could save 99,000 tons of water each year or about $400 annually. In Atlanta, homeowners could save $715 a year, not including much higher sewer charges. The good thing is now government is going to consider take more efforts to push replacement to save more water. Tax credits and rebates are being offered to residential and corporate users by an increasing number of local governments in light of the tremendous impact on water conservation.

Even more, a typical grass sports field requires between 500,000 to a million tons of water or more each year. During 2010, between four to eight billion tons of water were conserved through its use. According to government data report the average American family of four uses 40 tons of water a day. so you can imagine billion tons of water is saved if people replace artificial sports field.

artificial grass for swimming pool

It's significant health and environmental implications that estimated amount of Artificial turf currently installed has eliminated the need for millions of pounds of harmful pesticides and fertilizers, We know polluted storm water runoff is the number one cause of water pollution, with common examples including over fertilizing lawns and excessive pesticide use.

In addition, Artificial grass helps reduce noxious emissions, If you use natural grass, a push mower emits as much pollution in one hour as 11 cars and a riding mower emits as much as 34 cars. Also the grass clippings is the third largest component of municipal solid waste in landfills.


Luxury Artificial Turf for Hotel

A growing number of hotels are creating innovative green spaces using artificial turf. The inclusion of artificial turf in our residential areas has proven to be a smart choice for the resorts. Do you know why people use artificial turf for hotel? It require minimal resources and maintenance. Nothing looks worse than a unkempt lawn, and now artificial turf area can make a difference for hotels, balconies, gardens, playgrounds and other places where artificial lawn can be installed.

Many hotels are not allowed to irrigate such as Mediterranean areas, in order to save water, artificial turf already is used. Usually, it saved up to 80% on water consumption. And the other important reason is that artificial lawn will reduce the maintenance cost and money. It looks green all year round and keeps through all seasons regardless of the weather.

Luxury Artificial Turf for Hotel

For example, in Las Vegas, where water conservation is a critical requirement. According to report, after using artificial turf, the Wynn Hotel saved 143748000 gallons of water formerly used for landscaping, even it save time and money to use fertilizers,pesticides and herbicides on ground in.

As someone in the hospitality industry, you know the importance of satisfying your customers. Artificial turf is your best choice.

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Home Design with Artificial Grass for Balcony

Last week, we got a quote: “ I just moved into apartment in downtown and i have really nice balcony. I would like to put some artificial grass in and cover the entire balcony. Could you give me some advice?” Here, we discuss why people would like to choose artificial grass for home design?

Artificial grass make your balcony get rid of boring concrete. As before, there is not enough sun and no way to water for natural grass, and the people below would probably be pissed with water leakage. For modern people, they do not have much time to take care of balcony, artificial grass is a great low-maintenance choice for a balcony to help blend the structure into its surroundings.

Most balconies are constructed in such a way that rain does not stay on it, so that your artificial grass will not remain wet for too long. The first thing is to ensure the water drainage of your balcony is good. You would not like to step out onto a squishy artificial grass carpet. You can also use drainage tiles as base. They are designed to collect and redirect water to avoid any moisture problems.

If you install the artificial lawn by yourself, make sure the joints between each pair of boards are connected seamlessly. If the base is wood such as decking, you should remember that wood may stay wet underneath the grass causing it to rot. Water drainage is of utmost importance in this case.

After installed, by dotting casual seating around an artificial lawn for balcony, it is enough to have a spectacular skyline view in balcony.

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Different Infill for Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is becoming more and more popular as people looking for ways to save water. There is one important thing people should think : what should be the best infill for my garden if I choose artificial grass. Infill will help absorb and drain off moisture and are used to support the grass , giving turf a more natural look. Infill material also prevents grass surface from creeping ,buckling or separating at the seams. It’s very important to choose the right kind of infill. Here is some of our ideas to help you choose better.

Silica Sand
Cheap , non-toxic and easy installation , silica sand is ideal for low-traffic areas covered by thick turf. Silica sand is one of the most popular types of infill materials.

Silica Sand of artificial turf

The disadvantage for silica sand are that it settles in irregular patterns, and is not anti-bacterial , but you can use coated silica sand to help you with this .

Rubber Particles
Rubber Particles is mostly used in high-traffic areas like lawns, sports fields, playgrounds and some other commercial areas. It is also very soft and help the grass bounce better .

Rubber Particles of artificial turf

But it can absorb heat and make the grass surface hotter, also your clothes or skin will get dirty when you are playing on grass surface infill with dark rubber. Also many people still worry about the healthy problem of rubber particles .

Coated Sand
This infill is a coated and rounded version of silica .Good for almost any application, its rounded shape, so it will not degrade and allows it to settle in regular patterns. It also stays cooler due to its light green coloring.

The disadvantages of coated sand are that it is more expensive than other options and provides less volume than rubber or silica sand. Also it looks not that nature because of its coated color.

Coated Sand

These are most popular infill material in the market for now , but still there are some other options , most of them are pretty expensive .

If you have any questions about these article , or you want to discuss with me , please feel free to leave contact information on our website . Thanks

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Synthetic Grass is Used Indoor As Well As Outdoor

Do you still use natural grass currently, but despairs at its maintenance and limited performances? Now, synthetic grass let your troubles go. You should consider taking the place of natural grass with synthetic grass. It has been used successfully by a range of different places such as backyards, companies, communities...

Can synthetic grass be used indoor as same as outdoor? Yes, all around us, nursery schools like it for their playground; constructions was covered with artificial grass; working sites were decorated by it... Actually, synthetic grass makes it all year round green.

For example, why people choose synthetic grass around swimming pool? It changes environments around swimming pool and help pool to blend more naturally with the surrounding environment. Artificial grass is also quickly becoming an integral part of swimming pool landscapes, and its super drainage make it become the best choice for swimming pool landscaping. The sand infill assures a slip-resistant poolside surface to land on and the superior 100% permeable artificial grass backing drains fast and clean.

There are some customers would like to decorate offices with synthetic grass. Boring work environment makes staff tired, why not change monotonous atmosphere? Green grass can achieve aim immediately, just with easy installation.

You only need to carry out light maintenance for artificial synthetic grass, so no more lugging the lawn mower around to weed the grass, no more wasting water to keep grass wet.

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Is Natural Grass Better than Artificial Grass for Tennis Court?

Someone would say that they prefer living grass more than artificial grass for tennis court. In their opinion, the natural turf provides comfortable and cool surface, but synthetic turf surface cannot provides such characters.

Is that the truth? Let us do some explore with the artificial tennis grass. Hard to image the true grass courts after the heavy rain. However, the weather has few effect on the artificial surface. Even hit by the rain, the artificial grass with sand infill can still ensure great ball performance. As for the temperature of the surface, with our new cooler yarn technology, the problem is well solved. You can enjoy the tennis courts as much as the natural turf. Synthetic tennis turf has been the great choice for harsh climates.

We are proud to offering you the ITF approved tennis grass, which has great reputation among the contractors, please refers to the following photos to check the stunning looking. After using artificial grass, you can have more time and money to do other things, but still enjoy the coll and comfortable artificial grass.

Artificial Grass for tennis court


Are all Types of Artificial Turf need Sand Infill

We've heard that Artificial turf need to be infilled after installation. Do you know if all types of artificial turf need to be infilled? which kind of infill is better?

Not All Artificial Turf need infill

Actually, there are various kinds of type for the artificial turf. They have different type of yarn, some are straight, some are cruel, some are monofilament, some are twisted, The yarn pile height also quite different.

Normally, The low pile height turf less than 20mm is no necessary for infill, and the some high density with cruel yarn based landscaping items also do not apply for infill. Most of the sports type, mainly monofilament yarn with high pile more than 25mm do apply for infill.

Different infill material

There are some kind of infill material is available. Silica Sand, Rubber Granule, and Coated Sand. Silica sand is wildly used for all kind of turf ,it has very popular resource and price is also very competitive. Rubber granule is recommended for sports applications, like football pitch and running track. Coated sand infill is a coated and rounded version of silica .It's good for almost any application, its rounded shape, so it will not degrade and allows it to settle in regular patterns. But its disadvantage is quite expensive.

Benefits of Infill

There are many benefits for infill:

  • One of the sand’s functions is to weigh down the artificial grass. The extra weight means that the grass stays in place and doesn’t need to be fixed in any other way.
  • The sand provides stability and protects the turf. As a result, no wrinkles or folds develop through use.
  • your artificial lawn will really be more attractive with sand fill. Not only does sand help the fibers stand up straighter, but by brushing in the sand, the fibers come to stand in different positions, which looks more natural.
  • To catch up the sports special index. Rubber granule infill for football pitch gives player more nature touching and protect their skins not to be hurt by high speed slide tackle, and sand infill gives tennis and hockey enough ball bound.

Do you have idea about infill or non-infill for artificial turf ? If not, don't worry , just contact us for your queries, Sensseturf will provide professional solutions.

non-infill artificial turf


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