How to Maintain Artificial Lawn after Snow

"Next week will be coldest day in this century, the temperature will be minus 10 degree, the snow is going to be 30cm......" the forecast said last night, In this hard winter season, what is you most worrying about? water pipe, roof top, or your backyard? for sure you will be worrying about your backyard landscaping lawn installed in this summer. You may worry about how to prevent your artificial lawn in winter. You may also  have questions like: Can I walk on my artificial lawn during winter? Does the cold, snow and frost damage my lawn? If there are any way to protect my backyard?

Actually, you are not going to worry about the artificial lawn will be damaged in winter, Winter cold is not a problem for artificial grass. The lawn will not be damaged by a long frost, or break when walked on, but you still have to take care of something about protection. 

The problem is not from cold weather, please pay attention with snow or black ice. If snow is allowed to be tread into the artificial lawn and forms a layer of ice, this should not be removed by hand in order to prevent damage to the grass fibers. In this instance, the snow should be allowed to melt naturally. 

Also you can use a snow shovel to make your artificial lawn snow-free, But please be sure use plastic snow shovel ,do not use a metal one, because Metal snow shovels can damage the synthetic fibers more easily.

Alternatively, you can use salt but incidental. The salt residue can remain on the carpet backing and frequently use can interfere with the draining effect of your lawn. To keep artificial lawn in good condition, be sure to water your backyard after snow and the ice disappeared, so the plastic yarn and reinforced backing will not be damaged by salt or some other chemicals.

Cover artificial lawn with with plastic film

So, the best way is to keep your backyard free after snow, just waiting for snow and ice disappeared automatically under the sunshine. Of course you may cover your backyard with plastic film if you don't think it is troublesome, so that you can do anything on your artificial lawn after snow and don't have anything to worry about.

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