Artificial Grass for School

The natural grass will not be green all the time. At present, artificial turf replaces the dirt and sparse grass that was often too muddy too muddy to play on. Artificial turf was used in soccer field, volleyball court or rest areas for students.

Weather conditions and playground condition often forced kids to play inside or on the cement parking lot. In rainy day, it was muddy or wet. After the turf was installed, students are excited about their new green space. Students can enjoy the soft feel of the new turf.

There is no scientific consensus on the Risks of Artificial Turf. Some researchers are sure crumb rubber is poisoning the children who come in contact with it. Some people believe it is too early to say for sure, and others think there is safe. As before, infills of artificial turf are typically made from scrap tires, it is not good for kids' health. Some people think that the now-ubiquitous material, made out of synthetic fibers and scrap tire can contain benzene, carbon black and lead, among other substances-has not been adequately tested.

No research has linked cancer to artificial turf. Artificial turf has been rolled out in tens of thousands of parks, playgrounds, schools and stadiums. If you have any questions and requirements, please contact us as soon as possible.



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