The Fading and Stains of Synthetic Grass

There are so many Avantages of Artificial Turf, and these are the reasons for many people to choose it for commercial and residential areas. However, synthetic grass is plastic product. So you may be wondering whether it will stain or fade. Sensseturf products will not lose lustrous green color or degrade over time past. If there are something spelling on the synthetic grass, the stain will not leave on grass.

We all know many products will lose colors because of ultraviolet light, both natural and synthetic. In order to prevent this condition, the most synthetic grass is manufactured with UV stabilizers built right into the material before it is formed into blades. The UV stabilizers are part of the product, not something that can be washed off or worn. However, UV stabilizers are not omnipotent. Synthetic grass is durable. It not against the color fading, and it won’t rip or tear.

Although some special chemicals will protect synthetic grass and against fading and stains. For example, battery and chemicals and compounds can damage the synthetic grass. So you had better to keep products away synthetic grass.

Of course, if you want to keep service life of synthetic grass for a long time, you need to do proper maintenance. In the dry weather, you can water synthetic grass to prevent dust and dirt remain on the grass. The fallen leaves, twings and other natural or man-made debris will be removed as soon as possible. In a word, the technology will help to prevent fading of synthetic grass, and proper maintenance will help to keep service life of synthetic grass for a long time.



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