A Guide to The Different Types of Artificial Turf

For most investors,artificial turf is an increasingly popular way for sport fields and decoration. People can enjoy a lush turf without the need for constant upkeep, but people can often be surprised that not all artificial turf is the same. The different Types of Artificial Turf available mean there will always be a surface to match yours. However, different people has different requirement. When you can choosing the artificial turf, here is what to bear in mind.

What is the main difference between surface of artificial turf? It is the pile height. This determines how long your turf is and it isn’t something that can be changed. In a high degree, the pile height can be divided into two categories of long and short, and both have their benefits. Longer yarn will give the turf a more comfortable look and feel, and short yarn replicate the neater look of a well-manicured lawn. Different pile height also was used in different areas. It is advisable to discuss your requirements in deail with your sales consultant.

If you have kids or pets, you should look for a surface with more durable yarn, becasue different types of yearn that are used to make artificial turf mean that each surface will be suited to different applications.

More people are concerned about the colors of artificial turf. Artificial turf have many color, such as double green, olive green and so on. According to your requirements, Sensseturf can offers the unique color of artificial turf, what is more natural and relistic look.


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