The Ball Speed of Golf Putting Green

Putting green is the most important play area from golf court. The play score depend on the quality of putting green, It has to be very smooth and density in order to keep ball's speed.

Is all the putting green required by high ball speed? Not exactly. because the turf quality and specifications are quite different, the ball speed is different too.

Do you know what's the best ball speed from putting green? According to USGA standard, for international golf matches the min speed should over than 10.5 meters, Do you know how to measure ball speed? there is a special device called "Stimpmeter". It is a V-Shade aluminum profile with 36 inches length, it has a cross groove at the one top where put the testing ball inside, with ball side lifting up around 22 degree angle ,the ball will roll down along with the V-Shade aluminum profile, the distance (foot) of the ball running is the "speed rate"

The professional golf venues requires high ball speed, people called "Faster", Generally it covered by natural turf, it has to be high maintenance to keep it very straight and smooth.

But for practicing area, people are not requiring very high speed, Now more and more people like to play on Artificial putting green. It is tufted by nylon yarn with very resistant ,and the pile height is less than 10mm with high surface density so the ball is running very smoothly.

There are many golf courts are using artificial turf as putting green, not only because of economy of maintenance, but also it is eco friendly products. Your know there are very lack of water all of the world, To green natural turf is very water wasted, so to find eco friendly products is not only the sense of save water, but also save the world.

speed of putting greens


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