Damages from Radiant and Solar Heat to Artificial Turf

There is no doubt that Artificial Turf has become landscaping's most popular product to hit the market since the lawnmower. In the summer, most people worry about that the artificial turf cannot avoid sun's burning. With temperature increasing, the product will melt or damage the harmful substance. For these parts, please discard these troubles. Through research and development, the yarn that produces the fibers has high tech admixtures that prevent degradation and gives the artificial turf longer life expectancy, even the backing coatings are more resilient, flexible and can withstand thermal contraction better than before.

There is one thing that will never change, material that are made of plastic will always be susceptible to melting due to high temperatures. Sun can do to any materials longevity, so UV inhibitors have been added to prevent fading and premature wear from the damaging effects. No matter the UV damages, the window glare also can melt the artificial turf.

Artificial Turf

When radiant heat and solar heat are bounced off the windows grass surface and onto the surface of artificial turf, the temperature of yarn will rise quickly. However, the melting point of yarn is 175-200F, and the radiant and heat solar can melt plastics with minutes, so the artificial turf cannot avoid. Some manufacturers have realized that questions from windows, and we suggest that moving windows around the artificial turfs, or creating high performance glazing that only allows light into the home, business or hotel. Reflection from the sun off shiny goods can heat up and melt artificial turf. Do not place these good on artificial turf areas.

Choosing good quality artificial turf is a good idea to avoid these problems. Sensseturf offer the best artificial turf. Please contact us.


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