Which is Right for You? Natural Grass or Artificial Turf

At first, there are few people complains about the aesthetics of natural lawns. Actually, the natural lawns has the superior appearance what the artificial turf cannot matched. However, the trouble is that you need to more time and money to maintain it. Natural grass absorbs carbon dioxide, which is extremely important on global warming. Natural grass filters rainwater before it flows into the groundwater. Natural grass is much coder than artificial turf, asphalt, cement or bare dirt. However, it needs more time and time to maintain.

Most people choose natural lawn because of it is more soft and comfortable for playing, siting and laying. In the sun, artificial turf will warm up while natural lawn will stay coll. On the other and, synthetic grass doesn’t attract bees and other insects. Generally speaking, artificial turf can be used in 15 years at least. However, a natural grass will potentially last forever providing it is maintained properly. It does require more maintenance than artificial turf though by way of regular mowing, fertilizing, watering and weed control.

Artificial Turf

For environmental protection, natural lawns require water, mowing, fertilize and chemicals. The fertilizes and chemicals will damage earth, and watering will waste water. On the other other hand, artificial turf don’t require watering, fertilizes, chemicals or mowing, but they are manufactured from plastics containing petrochemicals.

What is better for you? There are many factors to consider when choosing between natural grass and artificial turf. If you want to keep the lawn for a long time and do little maintenance, artificial turf is your best choice. If you are pay more attention to the life quality, you can use natural grass.



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