Superior Drainage Synthetic Grass

With synthetic grass developing, the superior drainage become an important factor for people to take into account. Synthetic grass field construction has increased significantly during the last three decades. However, drainage problem resulting in ponding water on the surface of the field can be a source of aggravation. Understanding the the drainage details is essential to providing a well-drained field.

How well Sensse Synthetic Grass drain? Of course, it is better than real grass! Sensseturf has a permeable backing that drains water at a rapid rate. The engineering of the turf backing coupled with the crushed rock aggregate sub-base creates a wonderful drainage system for your lawn. Unlike the majority of all competing turfs, Sensseturf offers both a punched hole backing and a true permeable backing for drainage. What this means for you is that you don’t have to worry about drainage when your lawn is designed and bought by Sensseturf. Whether for rain or urine, synthetic grass drains everywhere very fast. Holes in the turf backing do not allow urine to drain fully and consistently throughout. The sub-base should facilitate the reception of adequate amounts of water when there are rain storms so that there is no flooding in your yard. Only qualified, experienced landscape contractors that have done thousands of jobs cab ensure that your yard is draining properly.

Drainage typically relies on infiltration through the field surface materials and stone layers and is ultimately collected by perforated circular drains embedded in buried stone-filled trenches. In some cases, flat drains at the bottom of the base stone are used instead of the trenches. The field drains are connected to a collector drain located around the perimeter of the field that discharges into the site storm drainage system. In addition, slot or trench drainage is sometimes used to collect surface water at the perimeter of the field.


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