Infill is Very Important to All Artificial Grass Installation

Imagine that you just made a beautiful lawn with Sensse artificial grass. You can’t wait to invite friends and family come over to share your state-of-the-art landscape. But according to our experience ,you still need one more step – adding infill.

Most customers just think they don’t need to spend extra money to get infill. They think their grass will just do fine without infill , adding infill will need more money and more time . After several times celebrating party. Your neighbors are excited to see and feel your new lawn. After the party, you look at your grass and confirm if you are right about the no infill decision, everything looks just fine. But a few months your will start to notice that your grass looks almost flat. It is no longer that beautiful , it can’t offer you full protection , kids no longer love to pay on it , then you will think : did I make a bad decision about the infill? 

Let’s take a look at why is that happen. Infill is very important to all artificial grass installation because it helps the grass in several ways. 

First, infill weighs down the turf. This helps prevent the turf from looking like carpet that needs to be stretched when it expands and contracts during periods of warm and cold weather.

Second, infill adds ballast, which gives your grass the gift of memory. After heavy traffic on the grass, infill helps your grass stand up again, not stay matted-down look.

infill artificial grass

Third, infill protects your artificial grass backing system. The grass yarn is directly tufted into the backing system , so the backing system is the only support system for the whole installation. Infill will protect this important system from heavy traffic and from direct UV radiation. It’s true our backing systems are very durable, still the infill will make sure the backing system stay good for much longer time.

If you need more information about infill , or you have any ideas want to share with us , just contact us.

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