Luxury Artificial Turf for Hotel

A growing number of hotels are creating innovative green spaces using artificial turf. The inclusion of artificial turf in our residential areas has proven to be a smart choice for the resorts. Do you know why people use artificial turf for hotel? It require minimal resources and maintenance. Nothing looks worse than a unkempt lawn, and now artificial turf area can make a difference for hotels, balconies, gardens, playgrounds and other places where artificial lawn can be installed.

Many hotels are not allowed to irrigate such as Mediterranean areas, in order to save water, artificial turf already is used. Usually, it saved up to 80% on water consumption. And the other important reason is that artificial lawn will reduce the maintenance cost and money. It looks green all year round and keeps through all seasons regardless of the weather.

Luxury Artificial Turf for Hotel

For example, in Las Vegas, where water conservation is a critical requirement. According to report, after using artificial turf, the Wynn Hotel saved 143748000 gallons of water formerly used for landscaping, even it save time and money to use fertilizers,pesticides and herbicides on ground in.

As someone in the hospitality industry, you know the importance of satisfying your customers. Artificial turf is your best choice.

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