Different Infill for Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is becoming more and more popular as people looking for ways to save water. There is one important thing people should think : what should be the best infill for my garden if I choose artificial grass. Infill will help absorb and drain off moisture and are used to support the grass , giving turf a more natural look. Infill material also prevents grass surface from creeping ,buckling or separating at the seams. It’s very important to choose the right kind of infill. Here is some of our ideas to help you choose better.

Silica Sand
Cheap , non-toxic and easy installation , silica sand is ideal for low-traffic areas covered by thick turf. Silica sand is one of the most popular types of infill materials.

Silica Sand of artificial turf

The disadvantage for silica sand are that it settles in irregular patterns, and is not anti-bacterial , but you can use coated silica sand to help you with this .

Rubber Particles
Rubber Particles is mostly used in high-traffic areas like lawns, sports fields, playgrounds and some other commercial areas. It is also very soft and help the grass bounce better .

Rubber Particles of artificial turf

But it can absorb heat and make the grass surface hotter, also your clothes or skin will get dirty when you are playing on grass surface infill with dark rubber. Also many people still worry about the healthy problem of rubber particles .

Coated Sand
This infill is a coated and rounded version of silica .Good for almost any application, its rounded shape, so it will not degrade and allows it to settle in regular patterns. It also stays cooler due to its light green coloring.

The disadvantages of coated sand are that it is more expensive than other options and provides less volume than rubber or silica sand. Also it looks not that nature because of its coated color.

Coated Sand

These are most popular infill material in the market for now , but still there are some other options , most of them are pretty expensive .

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